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  • Bionauts ATTACK!

  • Ally Robotics are the basic robot

  • My Golfing Robot is Better Than Yours

  • Tech of the Day: MDR Conveyor (it's not an STD, I promise)

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WTF is this?!  Robot Optimus Prime for $1K

They also have a Buzz Lightyear!!!

Before I get into the struts and ball joints of the newsletter just a few updates!  We've been redesigning our website so that the automation directory is more user friendly AND we're about to launch a job board just for us robot and industrial automation peeps.  If you want to be one of our first suckers customers on the job board or you want to get listed in the automation directory reach out to me at [email protected]

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Bionauts ATTACK!

Crazy freaking stuff right here!  I came across a news article about a company, Bionaut,that is getting close to deploying robots to treat brain, spinal cord, and other parts of our bodies with a weird tiny little robot.  They're focused right now on treating tumors and cysts in the brain with very localized treatments but the applications could reach farther into our guts. This little bot is driven by magnetism to it's destination, it can then release a payload or INJECT a target! They've been practicing on pigs and sheep but human trials are coming. So obviously there is a lot of good that could be done here but who's to say someone with bad intentions doesn't develop their own version?  This is the stuff that Bond movies are made of! Here's a video of it in action and they have several more on their website too.  

Ally Robotics are the basic robot

Robots that weld, robots that assemble stuff, robots that work in clean rooms, blah blah blah.  How about a robot to pick up a bag of groceries?  How about a robot to make the perfect french fries?  Sometimes robot nerds get off on grand robotic tasks but you know what will make robots main stream?  Have them do the basic stuff no one wants to do!  

Remember one of my prior newsletters where I talked about Miso?  The robot guys focused on the restaurant biz?  Well Ally and Miso are best buddies right now cause Ally will be the backbone of what Miso delivers.  So what makes Ally neat?  Like really super nerd neat?  Well imagine a beautiful world where robots can be trained to do stuff without needing a programmer of any sort...that's the world Ally is creating and it's freaking awesome. I see their robotic arms being used everywhere.  Manufacturing, warehousing, retail, food, you name it there's probably a use case for their tech.  F'n cool stuff they're doing!

Tech of the Day: MDR Conveyor

Motor Driven Live Roller Conveyor

 I see you, MDR conveyor, you work horse of the warehouse, you mover of boxes and totes!

MDR Conveyor

There are 2 basic types of conveyor. MDR and everything else.  MDR conveyor is the standard for powered conveyor throughout the world.  Basically this conveyor is awesome because you can power different sections (zones) at different times and do awesome things with it.  The basic way this works is that you have these powered rollers that are attached to a group of rollers.  When the powered roller is kicked on it turns itself which also turns the other rollers in that zone connected via the bands. By having several of these zones in series you create what's called accumulating conveyor.  What's so great about this?  Let me tell you! Instead of having boxes getting jammed up you can now have boxes or totes line up 1 at a time, neatly spaced.  Then when the 1st box moves on the rest of the boxes index to the next position.  This means you can build complex conveying systems with transfer and diverts.  Want to read more?  Check out the conveyor guys.  They have a good little write up on it!

Plug of the Day

Calling all AMR techies!  What's better than buying an amr that someone slaps their sticker on?  How about an amr from a company that actually makes theirs.  GeekPlus is a chinese amr company that's slowly but surely making their way into the hearts of warehouse ops managers in the US.  Want your visitors to be impressed? You can have the bots in just about any color and you can slap your logo on the side of the things too.  Plus the price point is just right for it to make sense!

Want your company to be featured?  Sign up HERE

My Golfing Robot is Better Than Yours

I don't play golf, well I take that back.  I play footgolf and putt putt.  And I'm awesome at both.  But I need some help on my "traditional" golf game.  Que the hero music!  Here comes GOLFI, the best damn putting robot ever.  About 4 days ago the web was quietly flooded with articles and releases about this robot that can putt and is pretty good at it. If you invite me to play golf, you better believe I'm bringing this guy and a six pack.  Hell I'll just drive the golf cart and tow this sucker behind me. A team of German brainiacs came up with Golfi. They claim the experiment isn't just applicable to golfing and that there are other use cases.  I'm about they use this same logic to help guys at bars figure out the best pickup lines?  Now that's a billion dollar idea. 

Johnny 5 move over, Golfi is here.  

Happy Tuesday you freaks! ✌️

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Ocado Group is looking for a kickass Robotics Operator for their Middletown, Ohio facility. This is a pretty entry level role where you get to make sure robots are doing their jobs and if they aren't you let the controls engineer know and he fixes it.  So kind of like a mall cop..observe and report.  Whatever you do don't engage with those robots! Just observe and report!

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